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Is Village leadership delivering innovative ideas and creative vision to our community?

Many of us moved to Sugar Grove because we like the small town feel, beautiful rural setting and proximity to larger cities. And while I will admit, there has been some incremental growth in our community in the past 20 years – I think that many of you would agree that you had hoped it would have progressed more.


We have been a community without a plan, a defined vision, and true leadership for far too long.


We need Village leadership that is willing to embrace and pursue a vibrant commercial development strategy that will sustain Sugar Grove the way that residents want to live, work, and enjoy here. We need to be creative with the kinds of development we bring in. We need to be proactive – not reactive. We cannot bring in projects that benefits developers at the expense and quality of life of our residents.


Is Village leadership providing economic opportunities/development that residents want?

I believe that our Village leadership has been chasing large commercial development projects worth millions of dollars in exchange for the quality of life for our residents. These are not businesses that we can patronize – and nothing has come to fruition with this approach. While there is a place for industrial development within our community, it can’t be the only development we chase down.


Unfortunately, when people hear development, they automatically think ‘big’ – and that simply is not what I am looking for. I am looking for family-oriented, destination-style businesses that will be unique and draw patrons to our community. A baker, activity-themed businesses (kids, adults, family), sit-down restaurant, bike shop, coffee shop, etc. I’m not looking to pave over every square inch of land, I want to create businesses that compliment what’s here already and the natural settings around us – and integrate it into our community vision. Then I would work with our Park District and create a centralized green space – in the summer, we would have space for activities like yoga/fitness classes in the park, music festivals, outdoor movies. In the winter, we can bring in an ice skating rink for off-season revenues.


Responsible development means we keep the vision of the community in mind – growing slowly and purposely. It is important that we do not lose our charm and size, because that is what keeps Sugar Grove special and unique. But we have to grow our tax base – so there is the balance. The right amount of business/the right kind of business will still bring in the amount of revenue we need without overwhelming the community.


Has Sugar Grove flourished into the kind of community that you imagined it would?

I have lived in Sugar Grove for almost 20 years, and I can grab groceries, gas and a quick lunch or dinner here. But I do not think that this community has flourished like I thought that it would – and I have had conversations with many residents who have shared that same sentiment.


Many of the businesses developed here in the past several years – while conveniences – are very similar with communities that are directly to the north and south of Sugar Grove. These are not businesses designed to bring patrons to Sugar Grove – they only service people on their way through it.


I would like to see Sugar Grove offer more unique opportunities for my family. Raising a family here, it would be nice to have more child-friendly options, such as arts/crafts or outdoor venues to entertain them. I would like to explore more family-oriented sit-down dining options and activity-themed businesses.


Our residents do not want Sugar Grove to be the next Randall Road or IL Rt. 59. They want creative solutions that will not compromise the character of our community – but compliment it.


Are you satisfied with the level of trust and transparency between the residents and Village leadership?

One of the most important reasons that I am running for Village President is transparency. I believe that our residents should have full accessibility to our Village leadership. Not just during an election cycle – but consistently throughout their term – to communicate what our intentions are with the direction of the community and every step we are taking to move towards that direction.


Our current Village leadership has created a trust issue with our residents – and if elected, I will work very hard to regain that trust. My promise to all residents is that I will never create false narratives or lie to you on what I am doing. You may not like my answer – but I will always tell you the truth. I will work with my knowledgeable Village staff and Trustees, and make sure that we are always being upfront and forthright with our residents.


Is there enough proactive communication between Village leadership and the residents?

If elected, I would like to create a monthly newsletter that I will proactively send to residents – it will talk about what we are doing, programs and initiatives, upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved with the Village.


I will also be working with members of our Village Board to create opportunities to engage back into our community for interactive dialogue/activity between Village leadership and our neighborhoods and organizations. We have to do a better job with getting in front of our residents if we hope to encourage better community involvement.

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